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Wish You Were Here 15 July 2021
Material for the Wish You Were Here Workshops
Public Gallery
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Family History Guide
8 September 2023
Images taken for the updated version of the Family History Research Guide September 2023
Mail Rail (Historic)
8 August 2018
8 July 2013
Post Office Maps
29 March 2018
A selection of maps, showing the organisation and circulation of mail in the United Kingdom.
Selection of posters from TPM's archive collection, digitised in high-resolution
Selection of posters from TPM's archive collection, historically digitised and low-resolution. These can be re-digitised on demand.
Schools Marketing images for 2020-21 with photo consent.
Commemorative stamp issues from the reign of King George V through to Queen Elizabeth II up to 1999
Definitive stamps from the reign of King Edward VII, King George V, King Edward VIII, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II
Themed Collections
1 August 2012
Themed galleries for popular subjects (e.g. TPOs, Post boxes, Penny Blacks, horse-drawn mail, etc.)
TW Catalogue
17 July 2018
To be consolidated after exhibition ends
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